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Have you ever wanted to find an expert who understands where you are and who understands how to help you get to where you want to go?

Then you've come to the right place.

As a board certified coach and practitioner my goal is to get you the change you want by breaking through old challenges so that you can step into your personal freedom in the most efficient use of your time.

Your success begins with you.

We're thrilled to have you here on our podcast page. Whether you're a longtime listener or just discovering us for the first time, we extend a warm welcome to you.

Our podcast is all about your desire to change. With every episode, we aim to inform, inspire, entertain you. We've curated a diverse range of topics and guests to keep you engaged and informed.

So, what can you expect from DTB Horizons?

Engaging Conversations:

We bring you thought-provoking conversations with experts, thought leaders, and everyday people who have incredible stories and insights to share.

In-Depth Exploration:

We dive deep into the subjects we cover, ensuring that you walk away with a deeper understanding and a new perspective.

High-Quality Audio:

We believe that great content deserves great sound. Our episodes are meticulously crafted to provide you with an immersive listening experience.


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Mama Knows Nada HMR and Hypnosis
with Lenora Edwards of DTB Horizons:

Mama Knows Nada with Lenora Edwards

Who's Candidate for HMR

What is HMR?

What about hypnosis

Trauma is stored in body

Power of autonomy

How trauma stored in body

How trauma releases

Emotional reframing techniques

Backstory Programming

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How to Keep a Positive Tone Even When Setting Limits

Ever thought about how the way we talk to our kids goes beyond just words? The tone we use, the pauses we make, and the inflection in our voice all weave together to create a nuanced backdrop for the messages we convey.

Dr. Sarah

In today's episode, Dr. Sarah is having an eye and ear-opening conversation with Lenora Edwards, a board-certified speech-language pathologist who specializes in providing online speech therapy services to children and adults. We will explore the art...

Parenting in the First 3 Years

Parents of young children and parents-to-be: you're in the right place! This podcast takes a kind and respectful view of your child's development during pregnancy and first 3 years. Host Ann McKitrick brings a unique perspective through 30+ years as...

The Fatherhood Challenge

The Fatherhood Challenge is a movement dedicated to encouraging fathers to engage with their children and educate society on the positive impact involved fathers have on their communities and society from generation to generation.

DTB Horizons with
Nikki Onyeugbo 

The School Psych Corner
ETG Session

Lenora Edwards, success coach, teacher, and speaker joins us for an ETG Session where she talks about stress and the impact it was having in her life and business. Lenora worked to rewire her subconscious and changed her internal thoughts. Now her actions are in alignment with her mindset, and Lenora's dedicated to helping her...

A Cup of Java
with Dr. Nava

What do Speech Language Pathology, Holographic Memory Resolution and Neurolinguistic Programming have in common? The incredible life work of Lenora Edwards, a remarkable Speech Language Pathologist and and Mind & Life Enhancement Specialist. Join me as we learn from her years of experience and wisdom!

What are you waiting for?

Ready to rewrite your story? Join us on a transformative adventure away from the shadows of trauma and anxiety. Learn to silence the whispers of doubt, break the chains of stress, and step into a realm of boundless freedom. The life you've dreamed of starts here.

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The Kindest Words...

"It's not an overstatement to say that my sessions with Lenora have been life changing. Her voice, demeanor, integrity and skill all create safety in an invaluable way. Her incredible ability to integrate NLP, positive self talk, and HMR allow me to explore my own inner landscape in a way that few have been able to facilitate. I fully trust that Lenora will give the same attention, value and care she gives to me to all of her clients. Thank You Lenora for showing your gifts to make the people of our world- including me- more aware whole and peaceful."


"I was fortunate to have been able to work with Lenora on an issue I had been dealing with for quite a long time and was able to have a breakthrough that was very impactful for me. Lenora is very genuine, thorough and compassionate and well trained. I highly recommend her and trust you will be in very good hands if you decide to take advantage of the services she offers."


"I feel like what you have taught me has worked. I have actually used it several times to just help me relax and destress. One of the memories in the past that I feel held me back has just completely left my thoughts and has not returned. I have also been trying to keep my mind in a positive mode even when life is not going as well as planned. I appreciate your help and will most likely do another session in the near future."


In just one session with Lenora, I was blown away with how she brought to my attention the life altering experiences I had been keeping from others for years . In a few short zoom sessions later, she was able to teach me how to handle the emotions and feelings that I get from time to time from those experiences instead of suppressing them even further. With Lenora’s help, I now have a focus and game plan on how to handle those feelings. I couldn’t be more grateful.


"I am so Thankful to have found Lenora at the right time to discuss something I've recently been keeping inside which has been impacting not only my sleep at night but all my daily activities. Even as a business owner, I couldn't start my days on time or even want to get outta bed without trying to solve some of or all of these issues and alleviate the stress off my shoulders and brain. Ever since I was introduced to Lenora I felt like I have known her for several years instead of just maybe a week or even a day. Lenora, without even knowing me or who I am, brought me insight on our first meeting which really made me think a lot more and even made it easier on me to come out and discuss my thoughts and feelings with her and the person I had issues with. Lenora is an amazing woman, teacher, coach and I will add a special friend with whom I couldn't live without. She brightens your day just by the way she smiles and radiates that positive attitude in everything she does. Thank you Lenora."


"Call it what you will: fortunate, divine intervention or lucky - but I met Lenora at the right place at the right time. All things aligned. Lenora shows up with a vibrant healing energy, ready to do whatever it takes, making sure that she is fully present, engaged, and ready to do whatever is necessary to help anyone she connects with. Working with Lenora has given me so many insights and inspirations for my own personal and professional growth. She is a special one, fully dedicated to elevating people."


“I have had the best experience with DTB Horizons. I was having a rough time finding patience with my two young children after putting in a full day of work and all the stresses that go with that. I was lacking in connecting with them, snapping at them over minor things, and not feeling “present” in our interactions. Lenora has helped me identify the roots of these issues and given me tools to use on a daily basis. The difference between the work that I’ve done with Lenora versus other work I’ve done in the past is that DTB Horizons has helped me keep how I’m reacting and interacting at home in the forefront. Even if I find myself losing patience, I have been able to recognize and pivot so that I’m continuing to be not only more patient but present as well. It has made a world of difference in my home and in my daily life and I couldn’t be more thankful.”


Lenora has a very warm personality and she is clearly focused on her clients, which makes it easy to talk to her and very enjoyable to work with her.



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Although these services provide valuable benefit and assistance to one’s well-being, personal care and progress, they are not a substitute for psychological services, or medical treatment and care. Please consult with your therapist and/or physician before proceeding with these services. I support the coordination of services for a client that is under the supervision of a therapist and/or physician.

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