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Lenora Edwards




As a board certified coach and practitioner my goal is to get you the change you want by breaking through old challenges so that you can step into your personal freedom in the most efficient use of your time. 

What change do you want to make today?

Eliminate destructive eating habits (i.e. emotional eating, binge eating) and discover the energy confidence you've always wanted.

Trauma can live for years in our mind-body holding us back from doing and having the things we want and enjoying life. It's time to let go of that painful emotion so that you can start living the life you want. 

What would it feel like to finally stop feeling fearful and overwhelmed in situations where you 
know that you are perfectly safe?

Finally let go of fear, worry and doubt that has held you back and had you playing small so that you can live your life the way you want because life is too short.

Rapidly improve your self esteem by releasing what is holding you back so that you can be the confident person you've always wanted to be. 


Discover how you can get the sleep you've always wanted so that you can wake up refreshed, rested and ready to take on your day.  

Rapidly release what is holding you back from speaking easily, fluently and comfortable with confidence whether you want to speak to one person or an audience of 500 people.

Eliminate Unwanted

 Are you ready to finally eliminate the problem so that you can enjoy your life with comfort, confidence and ease?

Improve Your

“ I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.” 
Zig Ziglar

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