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Lenora Edwards, CHMRP, NLP

Business Coach &

Transformational Life Coach

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Have you ever...

wanted to accomplish something with the best intentions, but found you kept repeating the same old habit(s) and  behavior(s) which kept you from actually accomplishing what you wanted?

The Truth is...
You have everything you need already inside of you.

In your one on one sessions we will uncover and clear the destructive thoughts, limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviors so that you can finally break through those barriers that hold you back and keep you feeling stuck. 

Your personal strengths and most useful resources will reveal themselves to you which will then allow you to develop new thoughts, behaviors and strategies granting you the ability to naturally act on them given that they were chosen for you, by you. 


In addition to your improved thought processes and levels of standards, you will also learn that you can easily, effectively and efficiently overcome any obstacle, situation or challenge you may face which will ultimately allow you to experience the life you've always wanted.


And then the fun really begins...

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“ I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.” 
Zig Ziglar

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Together we will talk about the things that are causing you stress, anxiety and frustration.

We will also discuss your intentions and what you want to accomplish in our work together.  

​If I feel that I can help you, I will tell you.

If I feel that I am not the right person for you, I will tell you that as well and I will do my best to offer you guidance on where or whom may be helpful. I have no intention of wasting your time or money. 

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