Personal Horizons

Sea Bay
Sea Bay


1 hour / Individual 1:1 Private sessions via virtual platform.

Sea Bay


5 hours of 1:1 Private sessions via virtual platform in addition to unlimited email contact & support during the timeframe we work together. 

Sunset Kayak
Blue Waters


10 hours of 1:1 Private sessions via virtual platform, a Skyline 10 Personalized Guided Manual  and unlimited email contact & support during the timeframe we work together.

Time & Space

In our one on one sessions, we will work to uncover and clear old patterns of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you.

When you give yourself permission to change and to trust the process of how change occurs, you will release self-limiting beliefs and let go of stored emotions and fears that are in your mind-body.

As long as you are wanting to change and willing to trust the process, you will get the outcomes you are seeking which will ultimately allow you to become the person you want to be.